About &Co Woman

We have been doing what we do with a lot of passion for years. Fashion is in our DNA and we are characterized by Dutch common sense.

Developed in the Netherlands

Our collections are created in the Netherlands. The design, color palette, and even the patterns are made in the Netherlands! This ensures our sizing is very consistent and tailored to the Northern European fit.


Comfort is a key priority at &Co. In the design of our clothing, comfort is always taken into consideration. We prefer materials with stretch for that added comfort.

Direct purchasing

We independently source our fabrics and yarns directly from a fixed number of carefully selected suppliers in Europe and Turkey. This provides us with significant control over the quality and origin.

Every few months, we visit our fabric suppliers to collaboratively develop new fabrics and prints with a focus on comfort and design. As a result, these fabrics are often unique and exclusively developed for us.

Produced in Europe and Turkey

95% of our production takes place in Europe and Turkey, close to home. This saves a lot of time and minimizes transportation.

We work with a limited number of producers, some of whom have been our partners for over 20 years. We pay a fair price for our items to ensure good working conditions. We maintain daily communication and visit them regularly to stay closely involved. Additionally, in collaboration with these producers, we undertake initiatives to make production processes more efficient and sustainable. Our focus includes reducing waste, as well as minimizing water and energy consumption.

We produce no more than necessary

Since we largely base our production on sales orders, our inventories remain limited. As a result, we have little to no overproduction.

Our TRAVEL Collection

We are renowned for our Travel collection. Our TRVL fabric dries quickly and is wrinkle-free, eliminating the need for drying or ironing, that’s fast, easy, and environmentally friendly! Despite being made from synthetic material, the fabric remains non-static, doesn't pill, and allows for breathability. Additionally, this TRVL fabric is highly durable, ensuring you can wear it for years.

Our Basic Collection

We also offer an extensive Travel NOOS (Never Out of Stock) collection in staple colors that can be ordered throughout the year. This collection consists of timeless classics that are not tied to seasons. Did you know that some of our basic items have been available for more than five years, without ever being on sale, and they are still entirely in fashion?