About Company &Co

Company &Co

We have been doing what we do with a lot of passion for years. Fashion is in our DNA and we are characterized by Dutch common sense.

Oh… and we also like to be right on top of it.

From thread to size: We keep a close eye on the entire process. The collection is developed in the Netherlands. The design, the color palette, the patterns, the dimensions. Even the prototypes and sales samples are made in the Netherlands. We check them on every detail and make sure the quality, style and colors are exactly as intended. If so, the producer can get to work.

Production takes place in Europe, as close to home as possible. We have been working with our manufacturers for over 20 years now and we know that they have their things in order.

A few weeks later, the new collection is already in store. We have an excellent relationship with our points of sales. They are our ambassadors, helping you put together your ultimate wardrobe.

Designed and developed in the Netherlands. Produced in Europe.

About Pure Natural

Pure Natural

At &Co we prefer to work with natural materials, which we develop and select with care from our suppliers. Our “PURE NATURAL” fabrics are mostly made with natural, raw materials.

The &Co PURE NATURAL quality is made of natural viscose, cotton or modal. These natural materials are comfortable to wear, have a nice touch and emphasize the feminine fit.

Nice too: PURE NATURAL has breathable features.

About Planet &Co

Planet &Co

Just like you, we think it is important to do what we do, without losing sight of the planet and its people.

Fashionable, with a dose of common sense.

We have long-standing relationships with our producers, who we trust. These manufacturers all bear the BSCI quality mark, which means that they adhere to the code of conduct and offer good working conditions. We visit them very regularly to keep a finger on the pulse.

We have limited logistical movements. The entire development of the collection takes place in the Netherlands and we produce in Europe. No unnecessary trips back and forth and no long journeys to the Far East.

We use sustainable materials as much as possible, with a clearly recognizable label bearing the &Co Planet-friendly logo.

About Sustainable TRVL

Sustainable Travel Quality

The sustainable Travel Quality of &Co Woman is kind to the planet and to you. Durable, super comfortable and very easy-care.

How amazing it is that your favorite garments dry quickly and you don’t even have to iron them?! They may be made of a synthetic fabric, but the fabric doesn’t become static, it doesn’t fluff and it breathes amazingly!

Production of this quality is less harmful to our planet than many other materials, due to limited water use. Our TRVL-fabric is durable, so you can wear it for years.

Almost too good to be true.